Disc harrow BPTD-7

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Disc harrow BPTD-7 is designed for soil loosening, soil segregation by layers after plowing, for seedbed preparation without preliminary plowing, for soil treatment after harvesting tilled crops and cutting plant residues, for grassland farming.

Harrows may be used in different agro-climatic zones, on all types of soils, including those subject to wind and water erosion, as well as on the soils contaminated with stones with sizes not more than 10 cm and wood waste with thickness up to 2 cm. It is allowed to use harrows on the relief (slope, degree) up to 10 degrees, also the operation is possible on soils with rolling and smooth relief, soil moisture in the layer from 0 to 16 cm – up to 35% and soil hardness in the layer from 0-16 cm – up to 3.5 MPa. It is possible to operate harrows also in wet weather.

The battery is the main operative part of the harrow. The battery includes concave discs. Discs are set on the axis which is mounted in two bearing assemblies and separated with swifts.

The specific feature of the harrow BPTD-7 is that she has a main frame and additional wings connected with the main frame through the system of hydraulic cylinders. This provides independent movement of wings relative to each other with the irregularities of the treated surface which helps to maintain the tillage depth of the soil.

The tillage depth during the treatment with this machine can reach up to 20 cm. The tillage depth is adjusted by changing the approach angle within 12°,15°,18°. The uniformity of penetration of front and rear batteries is adjusted by changing the height of the sighting unit above the soil surface.

trailed hydraulic
Working width, m.
Maximum processing depth (in 2 passes), cm.
Number of disc batteries
Number of discs carved/solid, pcs.
Thickness of discs, mm.
Diameter of discs, mm.
Overall dimensions in working position, m:
- Length
- Width
- Height
Overall dimensions in transport position, m:
- Length
- Width
- Height
Weight, no more, kg.
Speed, km/h:
- Operating
- Transport
up to 15
Drawbar category of the tractor
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