New year with a novelty

Bobruiskagromash has expanded its range of fertilizer applicators. Meet a new product: MTT-9-1!

Having retained all the best technical solutions of its predecessor MTT-9, the new MTT-9-1 machine easily ensures the optimal quality of solid organic fertilizers application and the most comfortable working conditions for machine operators.

* The machine has been improved by a vertical spreading device "Berma" (Italy), due to which the width of fertilization has been increased from 6 to 12 m.

* The spreading device is equipped with combined paddles, which provide crushing and uniform distribution of fertilizers on the surface of the field.

* Reversible hydraulic drive of the bottom conveyor allows, in case of jamming of the spreading drums by foreign objects, to turn on the reverse motion.

* The flow regulator can easily set the doses of solid organic fertilizers.

* The presence of a rear tail lift ensures that the body is closed during transportation and allows inspection of the spreading devices and their cleaning.

* MTT-9-1 lifting capacity - 9.5 t, productivity - 75 t / h, aggregated with tractors of traction classes 1.4 ... 2.0; type of tractor hitching device - TSU-2.

Advanced layout, reliability and ease of operation make the machine for applying solid organic fertilizers MTT-9-1 "Bobruiskagromash" one of the best available on the market.