Production capacity



The total area of the enterprise is 59.99 ha
The total are of all covered buildings is 29.00 ha, production area is 16.80 ha
Administrative household area is 3.80 ha
Total area of warehouses is 1.10 ha

2. NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES - 1925 people.

3. EQUIPMENT - 1348 units.



The enterprise has equipment for cutting of sheet metal with the thickness up to 25 mm (crank guillotine shears, plasma cutting settings with programmed control “Proxima”), hydraulic coordinate punch press with CNC MTX FLEX - 12 250 / 30-2500, circular saws, 40-1000 t. crank presses, embossing presses up to 1600 t., hydraulic presses up to 160 t., press brake settings with CNC forcing 135-350 t. with bending lengths up to 6200 mm.


Semi-automatic CO2 welding environment, automatic submerged arc welding, contact welding, welding in argon.

The technology of pipe production of continuous winding of a spiral-seam welded steel pipe of 5 mm thickness with automatic welding is used for the manufacture of tanks. There are stands, technological lines, tilters, building berths, conveyors in the workshops to ensure the production technology of the products. The workshops are equipped with hoisting mechanisms, cranes up to 10 t.


Mechanical processing equipment installed in the workshops of the enterprise allows to produce all types of mechanical processes with a high accuracy:

turning procedure of the parts up to Ø 400 mm and up to 1000 mm length on turning centers with CNC manufactured by Tong Tai, up to Ø 1000 mm and up to 5000 mm length on universal turning lathes;
milling, drilling, boring of the parts and components with dimensions of Ø1000xH1000 mm and weight up to 1200 kg on a horizontal machining center with CNC NV-630 manufactured by Tong Tai;
cutting of bevel gears to module 8 with a diameter up to 320 mm;
cutting of cylindrical gears to module 20 with a diameter up to 2000 mm;
grinding of shafts in an automatic cycle with the use of active control tools up to Ø 200xL2000 mm on grinding machines with CNC.


Production is carried out with the use of assembly lines with the appropriate technological equipment and slipway assembly.


- machine mod. MS9717D-2B for the dynamic balancing of assembly and welding units with dimensions up to 3000 mm and weight from 10 to 500 kg;
- stands for the assembly of disk wheels: max wheel diameter - 1500 mm, max wheel assembled width - 800 mm, rim diameter 14 ... 26 inches;
- test stands of finished machines and components in the process of production.


Coloring of the parts and assemblies is carried out by specialized coloring lines, including the oversized products coloring line, as well as by setting of tubeless painting by pneumatic spraying. The airless spraying setting is used for coloring of the goods. The final finishing of the assembled products is carried out in the passage-type spray booths, followed by drying and labeling of the products. Products are colored with accelerated drying paints and varnishes. The galvanic compartment allows hard chromizing, galvanizing with chromating, and oxidation on special galvanic lines.

Production workshops are equipped with the cranes with a lifting capacity of 5 to 30 t.

Open storage areas are equipped with the cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 32 tons.

Materials are transported by forklifts, tractors, cars, there is a railway line, transportation is carried out by a diesel locomotive.

The block of auxiliary workshops includes: instrumental, mechanical and repair, electric workshop, energy workshop, woodworking workshop, as well as a block of treatment facilities, a regasification station for liquid propane-butane into the gaseous phase.